We've trained Varsity point guards at top programs: 

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True Point Guard works the ins and outs of every part of basketball and emphasizes not only skills, but the ever important mind set as well.
— Sharon M., parent
True Point Guard was everything I could have asked for and more. Pure basketball IQ that effectively translates into a way players can understand and apply to their game. They prepared me to play professionally overseas!
— Allison Z., pro player

Pro Trainer

Experience the advantage of learning from a Pro. Our lead trainer, Camille LeNoir, was a 4yr starter at USC, drafted by the WNBA's Washington Mystics, and played professionally in Europe. 


We teach players to always compete. Whether its against themselves or an opponent, competition is at the foundation of our programs. Through competitive drills and games, players are able to easily transfer what they've learned in training to games. Success and improvement is inevitable. 

Mind Grind

Our mental training program is designed to help athletes take what they've learned in training and apply it to their games. We are committed to teaching players how to overcome fear of failure, negative self-talk, and game-time pressure. 

Track Progress

We offer more than just workouts. We teach you how to train on your own and provide a 3 month curriculum to monitor improvement. 


Through private and group sessions, we offer athletes a 12 week training program that focuses on point guard skills, IQ development and confidence training.



“Great coaching and swift results. Camille is very profressional and an excellent communicator. Her coaching style is concise and visual and the outcome in unmistakeable. She knows how to break old habits and rebuild them. Her follow up with photos and video were a huge help and above all, our daughter had a blast and is already asking us to schedule more sessions.”
— Keirstead F., parent
“I have not met a more phenomenal team in all my years of training players. Their training techniques and philosophies are truly a blend of technical excellence,
basketball IQ training and a constant check on each individual players mental toughness.”
— Luis C., parent & coach
“The Mind Grind program with Coach Robbie prepped me for my season in Greece. I improved my confidence with my shot and learned to ‘Play Free!’ Though I’m thousands of miles away, I check in weekly for mental training. Her help has been invaluable!”
— Hailey D., pro player
“Coach Camille and Coach Robbie are thorough, detail-oriented, supportive and encouraging. They are knowledgeable, tough yet caring, and the atmosphere was challenging and nurturing. We are happy to be a part of this excellent program.”
— Richard N., parent