Our unique approach to training gets players results.


private training 

In private sessions, athletes spend one hour improving 3 important point guard skills: Ball handling, shooting and leadership.  Coach Camille will assess the players' strengths and weaknesses and Coach Robbie assesses how the player thinks. From there, a plan is put into place to help the athlete improve their scoring and mental weaknesses while encouraging them to maintain their strengths. 

Private training sessions are for players who lack confidence with their ball handling under pressure, who need to improve their shooting mechanics and accuracy and who want to learn how to lead a team. 


group training 

In group sessions, athletes train with players their age or skill level. In these 60-90min sessions, players build their confidence through progressive drills, competition, and game scenarios.

Group sessions are for players who practice better than they play. They are for point guards who lack confidence when defense pressures them, fear driving to the rim, and suffer from low basketball IQ. We believe players who are consistently in group sessions improve more rapidly as playing against other players is the best way to improve their skills, mindset and confidence. 



Through our mental training program, Mind Grind, point guards work diligently to change the way they think. Coach Robbie spends time taking players through books, film, and exercises to help them overcome their fears, play confidently, have fun on the court, lead their teammates, and be effective teens at home, in school and on the court. 

While every player we train receives help with their mindset, those who sign up for the Mind Grind program work with Coach Robbie personally on a weekly basis.