Many players perform better in practice than in games. So True Point Guard teaches athletes how to overcome fears & improve skills so that they stand out and make you proud. 

Training Philosophy

Teaching Athletes to Overcome Fear


Through personal and on-court mental training from our Sports Psychologist, your athlete will gain the tools to help them overcome the mental barriers that keep them from performing well when the game lights turn on. 


Teaching Athletes to be Remarkable


As basketball coaches, we know what makes a player standout: the intangibles.  Leadership. Spirit. Hustle. Precision. Communication. Humility. These attributes will help your athlete stand out in front of coaches. But more importantly, these qualities will remain with them for life. Thus, making you a proud parent. 


Teaching Athletes to Do Hard Things


We create personalized workouts and drills that are competitive, fun, and challenging. Your athlete will learn to develop good basketball habits through routine, mistakes, encouragement, and competition. 


Pro Trainer

Experience the advantage of learning from a Pro. Our lead trainer, Camille LeNoir, was a 4yr starter at USC, drafted by the WNBA's Washington Mystics, and played professionally in Europe. 


We teach players to always compete. Whether its against themselves or an opponent, competition is at the foundation of our programs. Through competitive drills and games, players are able to easily transfer what they've learned in training to games. Success and improvement is inevitable. 

Mind Grind

Our mental training program is designed to help athletes take what they've learned in training and apply it to their games. We are committed to teaching players how to overcome fear of failure, negative self-talk, and game-time pressure. 

Track Progress

We offer more than just workouts. We teach you how to train on your own and provide a 3 month curriculum to monitor improvement. 

We cannot recommend True Point Guard highly enough! They are knowledgeable, tough yet caring, and the atmosphere is challenging and nurturing.
— Richard Nguyen, AAU Dad
Coach Camille is a great coach! She helped me improve my ball handling and shot in one session! She is very understanding and has a great personality.
— Sean Carlos, Shooting Guard