Training Program

Our 12 week basketball program is designed to help your athlete play more confidently in games. 

Win the Inner Game

Mind Grind

Through our Mind Grind curriculum, our goal is to help make basketball an enjoyable experience by teaching athletes to play freely in the games as they do in practice. 

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Mind grind EMPHASIS 

How to identify negative thinking patterns

How to be your biggest fan, not your worst critic

How to handle mean and transactional coaches 

How to embrace mistakes, not avoid them

How to develop habits and set routines 

How to take risks and take on challenges

How to visualize and meditate 

True Point Guard works the ins and outs of every part of basketball. They emphasize not only skills, endurance and agility...but the ever important mindset as well. My son’s confidence is on the rise!
— Sharon M., Rec League Mom

Leadership Matters

Be Remarkable

Learning how to lead, win friends and influence people, matters. Learning to work with difficult teammates, matters. Learning to be respectable to coaches, matters. Learning to obey parents, matters. These qualities matter because they will help your athlete be success on and off the court. 

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Leadership EMPHASIS 

Bringing spirit to practices

Developing the habit of effective communication

Learning how to handle conflict and difficult teammates

How overcome playing for a negative coach 

How to serve using your gifts and talents

How to focus on the controllables

How to win over the refs

True Point Guard is an excellent program! They taught me fundamentally what I was doing well and what I was doing wrong. I also liked the fact that Coach Camille demonstrates well for visual learners. They have high standards and goals to accomplish which helped me improve as well. Would recommend!
— Joseph Lee, Point Guard

Always Compete

True Player Development

We want your athlete to compete in training, study the game like Kobe, practice when not told, shoot tons of shots, play against better players, teach younger players, and have a ton of fun while doing it. 

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Learning the intangibles to stand out in tryouts

Mastering habits that every Varsity coach is looking for 

Improving basketball IQ through film study  

Shooting with proper mechanics and taking high percentage shots 

Varsity level basketball concepts 

Ways to enhance your basketball strengths 

Competitive game situational drills 

Mental training sessions to improve game time confidence

After more than 7 years of playing basketball with a variety of coaches, my daughter feels Coach Camille is one of the best.
— Vince S., Varsity Dad